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Beta Finance Capital Advisors provides tailored financial and strategic advisory. We specialize in Private Equity, Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions. Backed by 25 years of Wall Street experience with over $80 billion under advisory and over $50 billion in closed transactions, we deliver to each client personal and impeccable advice: We have added significant value in every single one of the situations we’ve been involved since 1990.

Total $85,622 (Value in US$ millions)

Business Experience

Bavaria – Valorem

Was the most senior banker that lead the entire team that performed the full restructuring of The Santo Domingo Group’s operations in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Panama, including acquisitions of core businesses and divestitures of non-core operations, and including reorganizing management teams and adding new management teams; advisory for over $5.0 billion

Bavaria – Backus

Was the most senior banker that lead the entire team that advised Bavaria in connection with its acquisition of Backus and Johnston in Peru for over US$2.2 billion.

Valorem – Board Member

Performed analysis and gave recommendations to Valorem, the Santo Domingo Group’s Colombian Holding, which has significant majority and minority positions throughout a wide range of industries, including Media, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Retail, Agro-industrial, Internet Related Services, Forestry, and Transport and Logistics. Was a member of Valorem’s Auditing Committee as well. Advisory for over $2.0 billion.

Rothschild – Violy, Byorum & Partners

Lead the team that explored a potential joint venture between the Rothschild Group and Violy, Byorum & Partners; for over $100 million.

Thomson Reuters

While a Director at PWPartners, was a member of the of the advisory team that advised Thomson Corp. in connection with its recommended cross-border (Canada-Europe) acquisition of Reuters Group plc for over $20.0 billion.

Lyondell Basell

While a Director at PWPartners, was a member of the advisory team that advised Access Industries in connection with its cross-border (Europe-US) acquisition of Lyondell Chemical Company by its affiliate, Basell, for over $20.0 billion.

Produvisa – Hicks Muse

Was the most senior banker that lead the team that performed a strategic review of The Cisneros Group of Companies’ Produvisa (Venezuela) in connection with its value adding opportunities, including a potential divestiture to the Private Equity Fund Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst; for over $250 million.

Conalvidrios – Owens Illinois

Was the most senior banker that lead the team that advised Conalvidrios in connection with its divestiture to Owens Illinois (Peldar) for over US$100MM.

Abeefe Bristol-Myers Squibb

Participated in the team that advised Bristol-Myers Squibb in connection with its acquisition of Laboratorios Abeefe in Peru for over $80 million.


Beta Finance Capital Advisors, performs Investment Banking services for long-term clients such as acquisitions, divestitures, strategy, financial restructuring, strategic advisory, capital structure optimization and establishing partnerships.


We want clients that, above all, give us their trust based upon what we achieve for them. We provide personalized, ethical and tailored advice to each client’s need.  Hence, we keep a very select client base. Our clients come first and, when necessary, we fight for our clients’ interests. As a matter of fact, we have had a few fights for our clients in the past.

Our small structure allows us to put our clients first and to give them the advice that is necessary – we provide what we consider more than advise, the Advice that is Necessary– for them to achieve their goals. We have no bureaucracy, no internal politics, nor any kind of encumbrance that would prevent us from putting our clients first.

Our objective is to achieve long-term relationships and actual partnerships with our clients. We are not a firm that intends to perform just a transaction for a client and then move on to the next client. Our objective is to maintain each client throughout their overall strategy and to become their first called partner.

Our target value range is €50-€200 million; for Investment Banking advisory that exceed that size, we co-advise with leading Wall Street or European firms with whom we already have a long-term and trusted relationship.

Beta Finance Capital Advisors, in terms of Private Equityprovides strategic and financial advise to family owned groups, entrepreneurs and Private Equity Firms that are interested in pursuing a Private Equity investment: We design a strategy, quantify its value added, perform the investment transaction, implement the strategy, ensure that all steps and actions of the strategy are achieved, participate actively in achieving them and either perform the exit earning a carry or stay in as shareholders and partners.

Beta Finance Capital Advisors, also acts as a trusted co-advisor to larger banks or larger firms for long-term clients who are willing to pursue a transaction and need a small, close and personal advisor while dealing with a much larger financial institution.

The Team

Simón Araújo

Founder and President at Beta Capital Advisors, SAS, Senior Managing Director at Steinbock Financial Group, SA, former Board Member at Valorem, SA (the Santo Domingo family holding in Colombia). Mr Araujo is a financial and business specialist with over 27 years of experience in the investment banking field, over €80 billion in advisory and €50 billion in closed transactions.


Prior, Mr. Araújo was a Managing Director at Massena Capital Partners, a private equity fund of the Massena Group, based in Paris, France, and was in charge of direct investments in Europe and Latin America.
Prior, Mr. Araújo was a Director at Perella Weinberg Partners based in New York City, since its foundation, where he lead the advisory team that closed the very first deal of the Firm in Italy for €1.2 billion and participated in cross-border transactions (Europe-US) for over $40.0 billion. Previously and for 12 years, Mr. Araújo worked at the leading investment banking firm for Latin America at the time, Violy, Byorum & Partners, in New York City.

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Mr. Araújo closed multiple transactions across different sectors and throughout the Region for over $6 billion.  He was also in charge of training Associates and Analysts.  During this time, Mr. Araújo was a Board Member of Valores Bavaria, now Valorem, Sofasa, Propilco and Biofilm.

Mr. Araújo initiated his career in Bogotá, Colombia at the age of 19, while completing his studies.  There, he advised the leading economic groups in the country.  Mr. Araújo is currently studding his EMBA at HEC in Paris, France; Mr. Araújo obtained his bachelor’s degree at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, with a major in Industrial Engineering specialized in Finance and a minor in Literature and Philosophy.  He also obtained his Baccalauréat at the Lycée Français Louis Pasteur de Bogotá with a Mention Bien in Sciences.  He is a fluent speaker and writer in Spanish, French and English.

Miryane Buljancevic

Miryane started her carrer in 1999, after her business management & economics graduation, at SFR, a french telecom operator as a project Manager.
Her solid results earned her to climb within the company, she was reponsible for several core business programs & projets and became the chief mobile operations director of the group, managing large teams (>100) and leading strategic projets, more than 300 per year for 18 millions customers.
Her business skills led her to be an expert in Altice Group to operate the migration programs following several acquisitions. Currently studding an executive MBA in HEC Paris, and consulting for many european companies on their strategic transformation post new acquisitions.

Laurent Lescop
Senior Associate

Graduated from an IT engineering school, Laurent started his career at BNP Paribas. During the years he spend there, he gained skills and responsibilities in the IT department.

Later, he worked at the public French Television and in French ministries as an expert in Digital and Analytics projects.

Since last September, he has studied an executive MBA in HEC Paris.

Frédéric Magnin

Frederic started his career at Arthur World Participation Group (AWPG) – Paris, France and Geneva as an Assistant to the Director Mr Jacques “Arthur” Essebag. At AWPG, he focused on optimising the portfolio of assets owned by the group (Real Estate, car fleets etc.). Then he worked in capital markets where he was Sales Trader on cash equities for Louis Capital Markets and Camelia Capital Markets.
Before joining Eninco, he was a partner at Sling and Arrows, a Hedge Fund based in Paris where he was in charge of business development.
Frederic is fluent in French, English, Russian and Spanish. He is an AMF Financial Markets Authorization (France) and is a MBA HEC Business School Candidate 2018.


years of experience


billion $ in closed transactions


billion $ in advisory transactions


Simón Araújo

21 Quai de Bourbon, Ile Saint Louis 

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